Friday, October 11, 2013

Hipster Glasses

Holiday on Friday, that is perfect :) Together with my dear friends we went to a great place, called Bistro Piccolo, perfect for this day.For a long time I have wanted to try these kind of glasses, and today was the day.Me, but very different, at least I saw myself differently with these hipster glasses on:)
Again, my outfit matched the surrounding.
I wish You all happy weekend.



Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tweed jacket

Autumn is officially here.No more shorts and summer clothes :/ but this weather also has its beauties.It is still not that cold yet not warm in this period of the year, and a jacket or a sweater would do just perfect when you go out.Today I decided to wear this tweed jacket, I found it last year and I love it.Its burgundy tones are perfect, I love this burgundy red.It can be worn with jeans, pants, skirts, you choose.Today I wore it in more casual way, with jeans and ankle shoes.I wish you all days as tasty as wine :)