Friday, November 1, 2013

Skater skirt

Skirts are always 'in' but this type, called skater skirt is, at the moment, in the center of attention.This one is tailor-made, I wanted to have for now, one in black and later in different color.It is unusually warm for this time of the year, so I went out only with blazer on.I combined this nude pink blouse with the coral toned blazer which I adore.When I wear skirt I feel very feminine.Black bag and black heels were my choice for today's look with accessories in the matching colors of the blouse and blazer.
I wish you all great weekend.


  1. Bas mi se dopada ! :-)
    Sako je divan :-) :-*

    1. Hvala ti, a sako je bas bas <3 nasla sam ga u Suite Blanco

  2. U modi su ove suknje, a ti si mi slatka. Tako mi delujes romanticno ;) :*****

  3. Jesu, i bas mi je drago jer su tako zenstvene ;))
    Hvala t i puno ;*