Thursday, April 4, 2013

Movie inspiration: Sabrina (1954)

Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite women.Not just an actress, she had more than just a talent for acting.I have watched most of her black and white movies, it was difficult to find them but I did it.I love them all,but I especially enjoyed in 'Sabrina.' In this movie Sabrina from a simple stone turns into a diamond.In the beginning she wears plain clothes,which make her unattractive,but when she comes back from Paris she is an attractive and sophisticated young lady.
The wardrobe is designed by Edith Head and the famous Hubert de Givenchy.They made Sabrina one of the most fashionable films,and Audrey a major fashion icon.


  1. ja obozhavaaaaaammmmm!!!! <3 edinstvena e!!

    1. Filmovite i se mali modni revii,a ona e edna od najposebnite zeni na ovoj svet!

  2. Сабрина - омилен филм на мајка ми, што значи дека го имам гледано многу пати :D

  3. Hehehe,mislam deka nema da zdosadi i 1000 pati da se gleda :)