Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Power of Spring

I am finally here.After a long time of thinking and deciding I have made my blog. Fashion is my passion.Style cannot be bought , you have it or you don't.It is so simple.

Now, I would like to serve you some ideas on how to improve your Spring style. It is the most favorite season. New perfume is a must have for the spring days.New lipstick and nail lacquer in the trendy 'It' coral color also is preferable.Then, new bag in natural 'macchiato' tones is more then welcomed for the spring outfits.And at last, but not  least , in order to be fully prepared for the spring days, I advise you ladies to treat yourselves with a marvelous bouquet, to brighten up your days.The choice is yours, but a lovely tulips bouquet would be a perfect  accompaniment  for your Spring outfit.

Wishing you all positive and fashionable Spring days!



  1. Replies
    1. Fala ti mnogu ;)) Me fati nekoja trema,ama mislam kako za pocetok deka ne ispadna loso:*

  2. Одлични предлози! Добредојде :)


    1. Dobro ve najdov, ti si 'vinovnikot' da znaes ;)))

  3. Конечно да ни се придружиш!!! Мило ми е што стана дел од блогерската сцена и очекувам многу супер-posts како овој :)


  4. Draga Maria, i meni se jako dobada tvoj izbor must have za prolece. Drago mi je sto si se pridruzila bloger zajednici. Zelim ti da vodis uspesan blog, i da se pratimo :)

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