Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Peach blazer

The weather is getting warmer, and you don't have to wear coat anymore.I personally love this time of the year when you can go out only with shirt/ blouse and your blazer on.Today my pick is peach, or light peach blazer.It can be combined with pastel tones, black, white, grey... you choose the colors.It gives the outfit cute and in the same time elegant tone.
I have picked some combinations which will serve you as an idea on how to combine this season's must have.

    Light peach blazer ~ oh so adorable

    It can be combined with dark jeans and marine striped brightens the whole outfit

   So cute with beige shorts

    Floral pants ~ white shirt and peach blazer ~ Perfect spring outfit
   Dark peach blazer ~ floral shirt and white skirt ~ perfect for a spring walk

                             Chic in peach tones

            Simple yet trendy with striped shirt and jeans

                                       Gold sequined shirt ~ white jeans and peach blazer - glamorous  look

                        Casual yet trendy ~ with jeans and mint shirt

    Lace shirt ~ black skirt and peach blazer with dark grey collar ~ Sexy and elegant

   Chic and trendy ~ Aztec print pants ~ black shirt and lovely peach blazer ~ All eyes on You :)


  1. Леле ме убиваш со боиве! Многу ги сакам т.е. многу убаво изгледаат и оваа и коралната, ама никако па не ми стојат или јас не сум навикната да ги носам на мене.
    Можеби треба да си купам некое парче па да се навикнам :) :)

  2. Hehehe,nezni se mnoogu. Jas sea se spremam da si kupam farmerki vo vakva boja, a sako uste ne sum pronasla, ama i toa mi e na um :))

  3. ahhhhhh prekrasni prekrasni boiii... <3

  4. Omilenata boja...praska...super post!!!